WordPress Coding Standards « Naming Conventions

Use lowercase letters in variable and function names (never camelCase). Separate words via underscores. Don’t abbreviate variable names un-necessarily; let the code be unambiguous and self-documenting.
function some_name( $some_variable ) { [...] }
Class names should use capitalized words separated by underscores. Any acronyms should be all upper case.

class Walker_Category extends Walker { [...] }

class WP_HTTP { [...] }

Files should be named descriptively using lowercase letters. Hyphens should separate words.


Class file names should be based on the class name with class- prepended and the underscores in the class name replaced with hyphens, for example WP_Error becomes:


This file-naming standard is for all current and new files with classes. There is one exception for three files that contain code that got ported into BackPress: class.wp-dependencies.php, class.wp-scripts.php, class.wp-styles.php. Those files are prepended with class., a dot after the word class instead of a hyphen.

Files containing template tags in wp-includes should have -template appended to the end of the name so that they are obvious.


via WordPress Coding Standards « WordPress Codex.


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