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WordPress Filter: manage edit-post type columns

This filter applied to the list of columns to print on the manage posts screen for a custom post type. Filter function argument/return value is an associative array where the element key is the name of the column, and the value is the header text for that column.

Add Columns

Suppose you have a ‘books’ custom post type and you want to add the publisher and book author in the edit page but remove the post author.

function set_edit_book_columns($columns) {


return array_merge($columns,

array('publisher' => __('Publisher'),

'book_author' =>__( 'Book Author')));


add_filter('manage_edit-books_columns' , 'set_edit_book_columns');

Replace Columns

Here’s another example that completely replaces the columns, rather than adding and removing specific ones.

function set_edit_book_columns($columns) {

return array(

'cb' => '',

'title' => __('Title'),

'date' => __('Date'),

'publisher' => __('Publisher'),

'book_author' =>__( 'Book Author')



add_filter('manage_edit-books_columns' , 'set_edit_book_columns');

Note the header for the ‘cb’ column is a checkbox, so that the checked posts can be toggled between all and none.

via Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage edit-post type columns « WordPress Codex.

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